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Frost expected once again this evening

Here is a look at temperatures as we head into tonight. Temps will dip down into the mid-30s here in the city. Cooler temps are expected in the more rural areas overnight tonight.

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The Cicadas Are Coming

A noisy Spring is ahead, Brood X Cicadas return this year

Remember those big winged, mostly harmless, but flying bugs? Well, they are back, the Cicadas, and this year the Brood X Cicada (X meaning the roman numeral for 10) is expected to emerge after 17 years. Billions of them are expected to emerge in multiple states this Spring including Ohio. The last time these particular…

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Here is a look at the drought monitor
Here is a look at the drought monitor

Winter Weather Coverage

Frost expected once again this evening
Frost possible later tonight for some
I think that’s a wrap for the snow
Here are more photos of the snow from today

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2019 Memorial Day Tornadoes

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2024 Solar Eclipse

Get your eclipse glasses ready Miami Valley!

If you didn’t get to see the last solar eclipse back in 2017. Well you are in for a treat! I think you all would like to know the next solar eclipse will be right over the Miami Valley. The solar eclipse will occur April 8, 2024 starting around 3 PM. Some of you all…

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