Talking snow chances

Last Updated 3 years ago by Devontae Jackson.

Chance of Snow, Not That High (Saturday, October 20, 20018).png

The HRRR and NAM 3K models have shown the chance of snow, but. I was just looking at a loop of reflectivity (radar) and the temperatures. Temperatures have definitely dropped over the past few hours. Just not enough to produce ice/snow. Once you get below 32 degrees Fahrenheit, that’s when you begin to see rain to change over to ice and snow. Temperatures haven’t really reached 32 degrees yet.

Live Action Temperatures, The Greater Dayton Weather Post (Saturday, October 20, 2018).png

In the map above you can see temperatures are in the upper 30’s. So close, but not that close to the lower 30’s. I will say that a snow flurry cannot be ruled out tonight though.

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