Heavy rain and strong winds expected tomorrow as our flooding threat will begin to rise

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Probability of Rain As of Tuesday October 30 2018

Rain is expected to move into the area tomorrow. Some rain could be steady to heavy at times. Rain will start Wednesday morning and last until Friday. Rain will be on and off at times but for the most part, rain will continue to fall non-stop.

Quantitative Precipitation Forecast Some Areas Could See 4 Inches of Rain (Tuesday October 30 2018)

With the possibility of non-stop rain comes a flooding threat. Some areas could see up to 2, 3, or 4 inches of rain. At the moment it looks like the more south and southeast you live in the county coverage area. The higher amount of rain accumulations you should expect. A flood watch has been issued but information about that will be published as a separate post.

Strong Winds Expected Wednesday Winds Could Gust Near 40 mph (Tuesday October 30 2018)

Another thing we will have to deal with as rain moves into the area tomorrow morning is strong winds. We will have sustained winds around 15 mph just about all morning. Sustained winds will drop down to 10 mph around 2 p.m. Although wind gusts tomorrow will range from 20 to 40 mph.

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