Just writing this forecast makes my teeth chatter

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Temperature Trend (Lows) Next 6 Days (Wednesday November 7 2018)

Well, it’s that time of the year. You may be getting prepared for Thanksgiving and putting up Christmas decorations. Then there is the temperature roller coaster. We will be riding that roller coaster this week into the weekend and then into next week. Please note that the temperatures talked about in this forecast and that is in the graphic above are lows. Back to the temperature roller coaster though. We will get down into the 30’s overnight Thursday. Then we will take a big drop, lows will go from the 30’s to the upper teens overnight Friday. After Friday, we will make a small rebound with lows getting back into the 20’s all the way until Tuesday. Lows eventually make it to 30 degrees again. Until then might want to keep the heat on and dress for the weather. That means going into the closet and dusting off the coat…if you haven’t already.

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