Five Day Forecast Story

Temperatures take a dip this weekend and there is even a chance of snow. Here is the five day forecast as of Wednesday, November 7, 2018

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Good afternoon everyone, happy Wednesday! Today will be sort of a cool Wednesday, our highs will make into the upper 40’s. Very close to 50 degrees but I don’t see all of us making it into the lower 50’s. I will say a few in the southern part of the county coverage area may make it to the 50-degree mark. Partly cloudy skies are expected today, as we head into tonight, temperatures will fall into the upper 20’s.

Cloud cover will build throughout the day tomorrow creating mostly cloudy skies. We will have another cool day across the area tomorrow as well. We will get into the low to mid 40’s for highs tomorrow with low of 33.

An S word some of you all don’t want to hear. Snow looks like it will move into the area on Friday with some rain. Some rain and snow looks like it could be a little steady at times. More about this in a later post. Otherwise, expect a high of 40 and low of 19. Yes, 19 degrees Fahrenheit, we will be cold Friday night into Saturday morning. So the heat inside homes will be kicking all across the area. Another thing we will have to deal with is some gusty winds.

More snow is possible on Saturday with some gusty winds. Saturday will not be the pick day of the weekend. That is due to the snow, winds, and cold temperatures expected. Highs on Saturday will be in the lower 30’s with lows getting down to 25.

Sunday is our pick day of the weekend as we will see a high of 44 with mostly cloudy skies. Our low will be in the mid to upper 20’s.


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