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DP&L reporting more than 400 without power, a big difference from a couple of days ago


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Image courtesy of Google and DP&L.

DP&L crews have been working tirelessly to to restore power to those affected by the ice storm. DP&L has reportedly called in extra crews from around the state and from other states to help with restoration of power.

DP&L is also reportedly calling this past ice storm one of their top 5 worse weather events.

At one point this past week over 13,000 customers did not have power. Now there is just over 400 customers without power. All those blue dots you see on the map above is a location without power.

At this hour (9 a.m.) Montgomery County is taking the lead for most outages than any other county. Montgomery County has over 300 customers still with out power. Followed by Greene County with over 80 customers still without power.

Depending on the time you read this, these numbers may change.

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