Some of you may be thankful for this Thanksgiving forecast

The weather shouldn't give you a headache while your cooking for Thanksgiving.

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Thanksgiving Forecast For Thursday November 22 2018.png
Thanksgiving forecast, this forecast could change.

Thanksgiving is coming and here is what you can expect for turkey day. We will start of the day cool, temperatures will be in the mid to upper 20’s. 25F is our forecasted low temperature for Thursday and it will occur Thursday morning. We will start off the day with mostly cloudy skies.

Heading into the afternoon, we will continue to deal with mostly cloudy skies. Temperatures will be sitting in the 30’s by the afternoon. We will also start to see our chance for a stray shower or snow shower pick up. It won’t be heavy snow, hint the word stray, but a few snowflakes or raindrops could fall.

The chance of a stray shower or snow shower will last into the evening. We will also continue to deal with mostly cloudy skies. This weather forecast could change.

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