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Rain is on the horizon, a system bringing blizzard conditions to part of the Midwest will bring us rain and something else

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Rain is not that far away, it’s crossing over from Illinois into Indiana. So when the rain finally does arrive. It will fall in places like Portland, IN, Richmond, IN, and more cities in the western part of the county coverage area. Those places will see the rain first.

Precip Type (HRRR) – Courtesy of COD Meteorology/the College of Dupage.

So with the western part of the area seeing the rain first, lets time it out. Rain will arrive in the western part of the area around 10 p.m. tonight. Rain will be light for the most part as it continues towards the Dayton metro area between 11 p.m. and midnight. The rain will continue to move to the east bringing with it some possible gusty winds. The rain should make it to Springfield, OH around midnight or 1 a.m. Just about the entire area will get a small break from the rain around 4 or 5 a.m. Then more rain will move into the area from the west and northwest with a chance of snow mixing in. More about that here in a sec.

Wind Gust (Kts) (HRRR) – Courtesy of COD Meteorology/the College of Dupage.

As mentioned earlier we will see some possible gusty winds with this system as it moves through the area. The wind gusts you see above are in knots. So let’s break this down, we will see the strongest wind gusts during the overnight hours into tomorrow morning. Models are predicting up to 36 or 37-knot wind gusts. In mph that would around 40 mph. So make sure to bring in any loose items you don’t want to blow away.

Strong Winds Are Expected
2m Temperature (F) (HRRR) – Courtesy of COD Meteorology/the College of Dupage.

As this system moves through the area it will bring us cooler temperatures. So, I sure hoped you enjoyed the milder/warmer weather today, because. Our temperatures will go from the 50s to the lower 40s and upper 30s by tomorrow morning. That’s not all though, the temperature won’t stop falling throughout the morning either. As a matter of fact, the temperatures will continue to fall throughout the day. By the evening tomorrow temperatures will be in the lower 30s to the upper 20s.

Chicago Area Radar

Right now the Chicago area is under a blizzard warning as strong winds and heavy snow is moving into the area.

Precip Type (NAM Nest) – Courtesy of COD Meteorology/the College of Dupage.

The snow that is currently falling in the Midwest, like in the Chicago area. We will see that snow here, it won’t be in blizzard-like conditions though. The heaviest of this snow looks like it will move just to the north of us and we will get light snow. That light snow looks like it will move in immediately following the rain. The snow will fall through Monday into Tuesday morning.

Winter Weather Safety Tips

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