Let’s take a look at the storm system in the south

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Alert Map (12-8-18)

Here is a look at the weather alerts in the south. The ones listed in the graphic above are not the only weather alerts that have been issued by NWS offices across the country. There are weather alerts affecting areas on land and over water. A low-pressure system is bringing all kinds of winter weather to the south. 

From snow to freezing rain, to sleet, and all kinds of winter weather are affecting portions of the plains all the way to the Carolinas.

This system is the same weather system that moved through California earlier this week.

States of emergencies have been declared for multiple states.

Radar as of 10:40 p.m. 12/8/18.

Above is a look at radar.

NAM Nest – Precip Type – Courtesy of COD Meteorology/the College of Dupage.

If you are traveling south or to the east tomorrow. Here is what the NAM Nest (3K) forecast model is predicting. The southern side of the system will stay primarily rain due to the fact that warmer air, above 32F, will be in place. As the system does continue north it will run into some colder air. That colder air will allow for rain to start changing over to different types of precipitation.

Freezing rain accumulations. Courtesy of COD Meteorology/the College of Dupage.

Here is a look at freezing rain accumulations. Some areas in the South and Mid-Atlantic could see freezing rain accumulations close to 1 inch.

Snow Accumulations – Courtesy of COD Meterology/the College of Dupage.

Here is a look at the snow totals expected from the winter storm. Up to 20 inches of snow is possible in some places in the Mid-Atlantic.

Surface Temperature – Courtesy of COD Meteorology/the College of Dupage.

Here is a look at the forecasted surface temperatures. You can see that cold air will move down into the Carolina’s, Tennessee, Kentucky, and etc. As said earlier the southern part of the system will really only have rain because the air will be above 32F. Once head north, that’s when you begin to see winter weather type preci.

So if you are traveling make sure to check the roads or your flight status before leaving.

See more winter weather coverage here.

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