Some may still be seeing raindrops, but we are easing are way into a drier weather pattern

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Wilmington, OH – Reflectivity Radar – Courtesy of RadarScope.

Well, I’m probably not the first to say that it has been a rainy Saturday. We have seen rain since the time we got up and until now. The latest radar loop shows the rain moving out of the area. It should also be noted that the rain is moving from the east to the west because of the low-pressure that brought all of this rain in the first place.

Wilmington, OH – Storm Total Accumulation – Courtesy of RadarScope.

Here is a look at the latest rainfall totals across the area. We have really only seen rain totals make it to an inch. Some areas have seen locally higher totals but not by that much.

Remember if you encounter flooding, turn around don’t drown.


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