Well, since forecasting in October, what are some major weather events The Greater Dayton Weather Post has covered?

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Well if has been in eventful year in the weather department. With the new url address gdweatherpost.com. I only started forecasting a couple of months ago. Here are just a few major weather events the Greater Dayton Weather Post covered since October 28, 2018.

  • The ice storm we experienced here in the area on November 15.
  • The Wildfries that ravaged California weeks ago.
  • A few wind events, nothing too major under this topic.
  • Lastly, a few snow events. We haven’t had a real major snow fall as of yet.

There you have it, major weather events The Greater Dayton Weather Post covered in 2018.

Make sure to keep an out for a post showcasing the most viewed stories on the blog in 2018.


Author: Devontae Jackson

Hello everyone, I am the founder and lead weather forecaster for The Greater Dayton Weather Post! I am a learning meteorologist, weather enthusiast, and weather photographer!

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