Rain and potential thunderstorms to end 2018. We will have to deal with a low-pressure and a cold front today

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NAM Nest Model – Precip Type – Courtesy of COD Meteorology/The College of Dupage

Well, happy New Year’s Eve everyone! 2018 is determined not to go out with a bang at least here in the area. We are in store for a soggy New Year’s Eve. Some rain could be steady to heavy at times and a few thunderstorms are possible today as a low-pressure system track its way closer to our area.

Wilmington, OH Radar – Reflectivity – Courtesy of RadarScope

Here is a look the latest radar loop showing the rain slowly making its way here to the area.

Chance of Rain For Monday, December 31, 2018

Once the rain does make here to the area. Which will be between 3 and 4 AM this morning. We will see rain all the way up until midnight. Rain chances stay pretty high this morning and into the early afternoon. As we head into the 2nd half of the day, rain chances will begin to diminish.

NAM Nest Model – Total Precip Accumulation – Courtesy of COD Meteorology/The College of Dupage

Here is how much rain we could see by noon on Tuesday. This model is predicting most of the area could see as much as another inch of rain if not over before the year ends. Some areas may see locally higher or lower rainfall totals. The NWS in Wilmington, OH said that Dayton has now seen its 10th wettest year on record from the previous rain we have had all year long.

NAM Nest Model – 2m Temp (F) – Courtesy of COD Meteorology/The College of Dupage

As mentioned earlier, we will see a low-pressure move closer to the area. That is what is bringing all the rain. With that rain, we will see warmer temperatures surge into the area. When I say warm, I mean warm, it will feel like spring around here in the area with temps getting into the low to mid 60’s today!

A cold front will then move into the area which will bring us the chance of thunderstorms today. The cold front will also cause our temperatures to plummet back down into the 30s.

Chance of Snow As of Monday, December 31, 2018

Now, for all you snow lovers out there. When the cold front does move through the area later today. We will be cold enough to see some snow going into New Year’s Day and then again on Wednesday. For now I am forecasting a 40% chance of snow for tomorrow and a 20% chance on Wednesday.

NAM Nest Model – Snow Accumulation – Courtesy of COD Meteorology/The College of Dupage

So, how much snow is expected? That much snow isn’t expected over the next couple of days. Now, it should be stressed that everyone will not see snow. You could probably tell that by the 40% and 20% snow chances. Those who do see snow, the snow may not stick. If the snow does stick where you live. Expect a trace to a dusting of snow by 7 AM Wednesday.

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