A one-two punch?

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Future Radar – 12 AM Sunday, January 13, 2019

Looking at the numerical models it shows a possible rain and snow mix in the southern part of the area as we head towards midnight. That orange color is where we could see some possible freezing rain. This is an image of the HRRR model at 12 midnight Sunday, January 13, 2019.


Here is a look at the latest radar image. We have snow moving through the area and where you see those blues, that is some steadier snow. Where you see green is areas of rain.

Chance of Ice – Saturday to Sunday

So we could see temperatures reach the freezing mark (32F) today. Looking at the numerical models, here are the areas I think could possibly see some ice. A lot of ice isn’t expected to accumulate and everyone may not freezing rain/ice. The southern part of the Miami Valley has a chance of seeing some ice though.

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