Temperatures will take a dive tonight

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Temperature Trend (Dayton, OH) – This Evening Into The Overnight (1-13-19)

During the writing of this forecast we are sitting in the 30s. Temperatures will slowly get down into the mid 20s here in the Dayton metro area. In other areas, lows could get down into the upper teens. So, at 6 PM we could be sitting in the upper 20s. Temperatures will slowly make there way down into the mid 20s here in the Dayton area. So you will want to wear a coat if you are heading out tonight.

Lows – Tonight (1-13-19)

As I mentioned earlier, the Dayton metro area will get down into the mid-20s. Others, especially as you head off to the northwest could get down into the upper teens. This will pose a risk of possible refreeze tonight. That’s why it’s important that you check in with your school district/school to see about delays or closings tomorrow. I will personally say though, I don’t see a snow day for many places tomorrow.

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