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Winter storm update #2

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Future Radar 12 AM 1-19-19

Snow and rain will be off to our west and north at midnight. Nothing really here in the area besides cloudy skies.

Future Radar 4 AM 1-19-19

Snow will begin to move into the area around 4 AM. It will move into the the western part of the area, so cities like Richmond, IN and Portland, IN will see the snow first. A wintry mix will also be possible as the snow move into the area. Freezing rain and sleet will be possible as well as this system makes its way into the area. The wintry mix including the freezing rain and sleet should stay primarily south of I-70. Precipitation will be light when it first arrives but get steadier and heavier overtime.

Future Radar 8 AM 1-19-19

By 8 AM this system will really be moving into the area. Steady to heavy snow will be possible around this time. The wintry mix will stay south of I-70.

Future Radar 12 PM 1-19-19

By noon on Saturday the rain and snow line will move closer to the I-70 corridor. Steady to heavy snow will be north of Dayton while the wintry mix will still be south of Dayton.

Future Radar 4 PM 1-19-19

By 4 PM some of us will get a small break from the snow and rain, but. The snow and rain will not be over by a long shot.

Future Radar 8 PM 1-19-19

More snow will move into the area by 8 PM. This snow could be steady to heavy at times as well. This snow will only make travel conditions more hazardous as we head through the night. The best advice I could give you all would be to stay off the roads unless you absolutely need to be on the roads.

Future Radar 12 AM 1-20-19

Snow will begin to taper off by midnight on Sunday. The areas that will see the snow first arrive will be the areas to first see the snow stop.

Future Radar 4 AM 1-20-19

Snow will finally be east of us as we head towards 4 AM.

Winds and Wind Gusts in MPH For Saturday, January 19, 2019

Winds will be something else we will have to deal with as we head throughout the day on Saturday. Winds will pick up gradually throughout the day. By Saturday night we could see wind gusts at or above 40 mph. This could cause some blowing and drifting snow. Thus, this could lower visibilities. Which is another reason why you will not want to be on the roads Saturday evening into the overnight.

Snow Accumulations (1-18-19)

Snow totals have been bouncing back and forth all day. Here is what our possible snow totals could look like by 10 PM Sunday. The area will see at least 3 inches of snow. The area will most likely see between 4 and 9 inches of snow. The area could see at most 10 to 12 inches of snow.

Ice accumulations have roughly stayed the same. Ice accumulations will stay south of I-70 and could be between 0.10 inches and 0.50 inches. At most, some could see ice accumulations around an inch.

You should prepare for hazardous travel conditions, possible damage to tree limbs, and possible power outages.

Winter Weather Safety Tips

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