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When you will need the umbrella tomorrow?


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Future Radar 2-2-3-19 to 2-4-19

Rain is likely tomorrow, I have put our precipitation chance for Monday at a 90%. As you head out the door Monday don’t forget the umbrella or raincoat. You will not need it in the morning, but. You will need it in the afternoon. Rain will arrive in the western part of the area around noon tomorrow. So cities such as Richmond, Winchester, Portland, and Liberty in Indiana will see the rain first.

Rain will cross the Ohio/Indiana border and move into the Dayton, Troy, Mason, Centerville, Troy, Piqua, Sidney, Botkins, and Wapakoneta areas in Ohio around 2 PM. Rain will continue to push east into Wilmington, Springfield, and Urbana as we head into the 3 PM hour.

Lingering showers will be possible after this, sort of mainline, moves through the area. The lingering showers will continue past midnight. The rain will begin to die down between 1 AM and 4 AM Tuesday morning.

A lot of rain isn’t expected with this system. We will see just a little over 0.01″ of precipitation accumulation.

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