Gusty winds are expected today

Last Updated 2 years ago by Devontae Jackson.

10m Wind Gust – HRRR – Courtesy of COD Meteorology/the college of Dupage

Gusty winds are expected to last until tomorrow morning. Winds could gust as high as 40 mph and a little higher in spots. We have accumulated a half of an inch of rain over the last couple of days. With us seeing all of this rain, this has caused the ground to become very saturated. Winds gusting this high could potentially knock over trees.

Remember when you are dealing with strong winds. You will want to make sure that you bring in any unsecured items from outside and if you can’t bring that particular item indoors. You will want to make sure that item is secure outside. Always prepare for possible power outages and if you drive a high profile vehicle like an SUV, truck, or a van you will want to be mindful of the winds. Winds that are gusting up to 40 mph could cause some travel problems with these kind of vehicles. Also prepare for a possible damage to your property from blowing debris and possible falling trees.

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