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Snow and freezing rain returns tonight. I’m timing it out and telling you how much we could see

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Precipitation Type – NAM Nest – Courtesy of the College of Dupage NEXLAB

Snow and freezing rain is expected to move into the area later tonight. The wintry mix will move in from the SSW. We will see snow first and this snow will move into cities like Hamilton, OH and Liberty, IN first. This will occur around 10 PM tonight.

Snow will continue to move NNE into the Dayton metro area around midnight.

Snow will continue to move NNE into Troy, OH, Greeneville, OH, and Richmond, IN around 1 AM. Please note some snow could be steady at times.

At the same time (1 AM), some snow, especially south of the Dayton area will begin to change over or transition to freezing rain. A few sleet pellets may mix in as well.

Snow will eventually reach the northern part of the area by 2 AM. So areas like Shelby and Champaign counties will begin to see some snow. Snow will still be changing over to freezing and vise versa during this time.

Snow and freezing rain will continue through your morning commute. By 7 AM the snow and rain line should be heading into the Dayton area. Rain could change over to some freezing rain as well. By 7 AM Wednesday the freezing rain could be moving into the northern part Miami Valley too. If you have to go out Wednesday morning roads will likely be slick.

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The snow and feeezing rain should move out of the area by noon Wednesday. Rain will continue though and some of that rain could still be a little freezing rain or sleet.

Again, while the snow and freezing rain will be out of the area. Regular rain will continue into the afternoon and evening before tapering off early Thursday morning. This rain will be a cold rain too.

Freezing Rain Accumulation – NAM Nest – Courtesy of the College of Dupage NEXLAB

For ice accumulations, we will see at least a trace of ice, most likely, around five hundredths of an inch of ice, and at most one tenth of an inch of ice. Some areas could see ice totals a little higher.

Snow Accumulation – NAM Nest – Courtesy of the College of Dupage NEXLAB

As far a snow is concerned. I am calling for at least an inch of snow, most likely 2 to 5 inches, and at most 6 inches of snow.

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