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First, there was rain and then there was snow. Rain now expected to change over to snow tomorrow

Well, this forecast was just rain at first, but noooooo, snow is now in the forecast.

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In the last forecast, I talked about the possibility of rain. That possibility has stretched from just rain to include snow. The modles have been kind of flipping back and forth from rain to snow.

A wintry mix is possible south of I-70 as this little disturbance moves through the area tomorrow.

The important thing to note is that everyone will see rain first. Rain will move into the area around 2 PM. Those who live west of I-70 will see the rain first. By 4 PM rain will be widespread. Also by 4 PM snow will just be on the outskirts of the western part of county coverage area.

So the counties in Indiana will see the snow first. Snow will make it to the Dayton metro area by 6 PM. As we head towards 10 PM snow will become somewhat widespread but will also begin tapering off in the west. By 1 AM Friday, the snow should be out of the area.

Snow Accumulations By 10 AM Friday, February 29, 2019 (as of 2-27-19)

I am not expecting for us to see a lot of snow with this system. At most, we will see about a tenth of an inch (0.10”) of snow. At least a trace of snow and most likely around 5 hundredths of an inch (0.05”) of snow. Everyone is not expected to see snow accumulation either.

So far this month with snow, ice pellets, and hail. We have seen 8.8 inches of accumulation with those three combined if that makes sense.

Winter Weather Safety Tips

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