Snow will taper off tonight. Here is tonight’s forecast for Sunday, Mar. 3, 2019 >>>Updated<<<

Last updated by Devontae Jackson

Snow contines to move out of the area tonight. Snow should stop falling in the area all together around 8 PM tonight. Temeratures have also fallen into the upper 20s.

Tonight’s Forecast: As stated earlier snow should stop falling around 8 PM. As we head through the overnight temperatures will fall into the teens for areas south of I-70. Temps will be in the single digits for areas north of I-70 and east of I-75. This could cause some refreeze on the roads tonight. So watch out for slick spots overnight through tomorrow morning. Wind chills could make it feel like nearly 10 below zero in some spots tomorrow morning. So you will want to bundle up as you head out the door tomorrow. Again expect actual air temperatures in the teens for some and single digits for others. In the area, I am forecasting a low around 5 degrees.

I have already been asked rather schools could be closed tomorrow? I don’t really think schools will be closed, but we could possibly get some delays.

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