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Alabama residents still recovering from a violent tornado

A violent tornado rips through an Alabama community.

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Officials in Alabama said yesterday that 23 people are confirmed dead, many more missing after a tornado moved through Lee County Alabama. Three children are among the dead. The NWS gave this tornado a preliminary EF-4 rating. EF-4 tornadoes are described as violent with winds ranging from 166 to 200 mph.

This tornado is also been called one of the deadliest tornadoes since the Moore, Oklahoma tornado that occurred back in 2013. That tornado was rated in F5 with peak wind speeds estimated around 210 mph. 24 people, unfortunately, lost their lives in that tornado.

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As many people continue to search through the rubble for their belongings and possible survivors. Many people are calling the damage done by this tornado catastrophic. This tornado left a trail of damage, it destroyed homes and businesses, snapped trees in half, and flipped automobiles. Power has also been knocked out across many areas.

This tornado was apart of a tornado outbreak that occurred this past weekend. It affected the states of Alabama, Georgia, Florida, and the Carolinas.

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