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Dorian’s track shifts as it nears cat 5 strength


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Here is a look at Hurricane Dorian as the sun rises on this Saturday morning. The storm is moving closer and closer to the Bahamas. The hurricane will likely hit the Bahamas by tomorrow. The storm is a cat 4 and approaching a cat 5 this morning with sustained winds around 150 mph according to the NHC.

145744_5day_cone_no_line_and_wind Courtesy of NHC/NWS/NOAA
145744_5day_cone_no_line_and_wind Courtesy of NHC/NWS/NOAA

The NHC has shifted the track of Dorian more east out to sea, but. Don’t let your guard down. Dorian will probably still have some impact on Florida, especially Florida’s east coast. Those on the coast of Georgia, NC, and SC needs to be paying very careful attention as well. Dorian could impact these states next week also. Dorian is still forecasted to be a major hurricane through the middle of next week. As stated this earlier Dorian is still a strong cat 4 and approaching a cat 5 (the highest category on the Saffir-Simpson Scale). States of emergencies have been declared in Florida, SC, NC, and Georgia.

Note: the forecast cone drawn by the NHC (National Hurricane Center) is representative of where the eye of the storm could go. That means even those outside the forecast cone could feel impacts from Dorian.

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