Tonight will be a Friday the 13th Harvest moon, but will you be able to see it?

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Tonight, the full Harvest Moon is expected to light up the night sky. This is a reportedly sort of a rare occurrence to happen on Friday the 13th. It apparently only happens every one or two dozen years.

The sun is expected to set around 7:48 pm today with the moon starting to rise at 8:01 pm, according to Time & Date. Now, showers and storms are expected tonight across the area. Some may not see showers and storms tonight, which you can read more about here: There is a marginal risk for severe weather today, Friday, September 13, 2019. Now, even if you don’t see showers and storms, you will have to deal with on and off clouds tonight.

16Z-20190913_HRRRMA_prec_cloud-4-17-40-100 Courtesy of COD Nexlab
16Z-20190913_HRRRMA_prec_cloud-4-17-40-100 Courtesy of COD Nexlab

We will have mostly cloudy skies tonight. So, you may be able to see the moon or you may not at times. I will say the best chance to view and take pictures of the moon will be between 1 and 3 am overnight tonight. Unless, you are able to snap a pick through the clouds.

If you do take a picture I would love to see them. If you want to share, send them to my email here:


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