Tropical Storm Humberto forms over the Bahamas

025323_5day_cone_no_line_and_wind Courtesy of NHC, NWS, NOAA
025323_5day_cone_no_line_and_wind Courtesy of NHC, NWS, NOAA

As of the 10 pm advisory from the NHC. Tropical storm Humberto has formed over the Bahamas. Below is a snippet of the official forecast from the NHC.

“Tropical Storm Humberto Discussion Number 6…Corrected

NWS National Hurricane Center Miami FL AL0920191100 PM EDT Fri Sep 13 2019

Corrected to change depression to storm in the second paragraph

Deep convection has been gradually increasing this evening, and it is currently most organized in a curved band to the east of the estimated center. In addition, data from the NOAA Hurricane Hunters indicate that the depression has strengthened. The maximum flight-level wind at 700 mb was 41 kt and reliable SFMR values were35 kt. Based on that data, the initial intensity is increased to 35kt, making the cyclone Tropical Storm Humberto. The data from theaircraft indicate that the cyclone is titled to the northeast withheight, likely due to southwesterly wind shear.”

Tropical Storm Humberto Forecast Discussion – National Hurricane Center

To read more of the official NHC forecast, click the link above.


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