Home Story Saddlerigde, CA fire now contained a little >>>Updated<<<

Saddlerigde, CA fire now contained a little >>>Updated<<<


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Above is look at smoke drifting across the San Fernando Valley area since this morning from the ongoing wildfire in California.

Here is a look from an ABC 7 Los Angeles reporter showing lines of fire trucks preparing to fight the fires in Southern California.

1 person has unfortunately lost their life with multiple people unaccounted for. Some freeways have also opened back up in the LA area. Some are now being allowed back into some areas for a short time. Some areas remain under an evacuation order. According to CBS 2 News in LA, 23, 000 people have been evacuated.

The fire is covering more than 7,000 acres and is 13% contained. 25 homes have been destroyed. The Saddleridge is not the only current fire happening. The California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection shows 8 current ongoing fires in California.

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