Home Story Very strong winds are expected this afternoon, here are some safety tips

Very strong winds are expected this afternoon, here are some safety tips


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Wind Gust Forecast Map For Wednesday, November 27, 2019

Strong winds are expected this afternoon. Sustained winds will be between 25 and 35 mph. Winds could gust up to 50 mph and 60 mph for some. Winds will last through the afternoon into the evening. Winds should subside as we head into the evening hours though.

Here are some safety for today’s strong winds. Those of you who live I-70 and north it is recommended that you stay in a lower level of your homes. Everyone should be cautious when near a window. Prepare for possible power outages and possible damage to infrastructure. You should also be careful if driving a high profile vehicle today. As well as be cautious of trees, power lines, and other objects if outside today. Speaking of objects, you should check for any loose objects around your home and move them in or secure them outside.

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