We may not get to see it here but, Earth, the Moon, and Mars will align soon

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Tuesday morning as the sun is getting ready to rise, the Moon will cross between Earth and Mars. It is said that Mars will disappear behind the Moon. It is being called rare “occultation” by Astronomers. North America may have a hard time seeing it but most of the world should be able to see it. Giving there is good weather in different parts of the world. Also, it will be raining in our area Tuesday morning so that takes the little chance we did have to see it away. Forbes reports Mars will disappear less than 20 seconds.

Tuesday morning’s Moon will be a Cresent Moon and it is said Mars will first disappear behind the lit side of the Cresent Moon and then the dark side of the Cresent Moon. Mars will disappear for about an hour and a half. This also depends on where you view this rare occultation. It looks as if we will miss the “egress” or the time when Mars re-appears from behind the moon as well.

The Moon is also expected to move in front of Jupiter Wednesday evening, but only if you are in Antarctica you will be able to see it.


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