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Tauktae is getting ready to make landfall in India

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Image courtesy of NASA Worldview.

According to the India Meteorological Department, Tauktae is is now in the process of making landfall. The storm will make landfall in the Gurajat division of India which is in the western part of India.

The storm is packing winds up to 115 mph or 100 knots. The storm has wind gusts up to 143 mph or 125 knots. The storm is moving north at 8 knots.

Storm surge up to 12 feet is possible for some. People in this area should be sheltered and no one should be out in this storm. As the storm makes landfall, heavy rain and strong winds will accompany the storm of course. Well-built structures may sustain some damage and structures that are not well built could sustain major damage. Flooding will also be another concern along with power outages, and those in these areas should expect many trees to be knocked down. Those in this area should also watch for flying debris which is why it’s important to stay inside. In addition, with any landfalling tropical system, a few spin-up tornadoes are possible. In the event of a tornado get to the most center part of a home or building and on the lowest level.

As the eyewall moves onto shore, expect violent winds to move through the area.

The storm will continue north before making a northwest turn towards Jodhpur, India.

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