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The Greater Dayton Weather Post tracks weather for the Greater Dayton area and surrounding communities. Founded by Devontae Jackson on Friday, August 11, 2017! A big thanks to Ms. V, my high school teacher for helping me come up with the name. Visit the homepage to see human-made forecasts and the latest weather updates! Welcome to Dayton’s Weather Blog!

The Greater Dayton Weather Post covers many cities. Those cities include: Dayton, of course, but also. Bellefontaine, Celina, Eaton, Greenville, Hamilton, Lebanon, Sidney, Springfield, Troy, Urbana, Wapakoneta, Wilmington, and Xenia. The Greater Dayton Weather Post covers a few cities in Indiana as well. Those cities include Liberty, Richmond, and Winchester.

So to make it a little more simple here is a breakdown of the county coverage area.


  • Auglaize
  • Butler
  • Champaign
  • Clark
  • Clinton
  • Darke
  • Greene
  • Logan
  • Mercer
  • Miami
  • Montgomery
  • Preble
  • Shelby
  • Warren


  • Randolph
  • Wayne
  • Union

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