As an inspiring black meteorologist, it was really fun to sit down with a few degreed broadcast meteorologists

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I, Devontae Jackson, is in the front of the picture. Also in the picture is WHIO Chief Meteorologist McCall Vrydaghs and Meteorologist Dontae Jones and Jesse Magg.

On Tuesday, December 18, 2018 I got to sit down with a few degreed broadcast meteorologist. I was there to do an interview with the Chief Meteorologist for WHIO-TV and one of my best friends, McCall Vrydaghs.

The interview was about the lack of blacks in the field of meteorology. I thought no better person to interview about this other than someone who works in the field right?

I first sat down with McCall and got her thoughts on why there is a lack of blacks in the meteorology field. I won’t give her answer here since it’s a radio interview and it’s not ready. She even talked about how women is a minority in the field of meteorology. She also gave insight on how rare it is to have a women chief meteorologist in a field dominated by white males.

I then got to sit down with Dontae Jones, a newly hired black meteorologist for WHIO. Everyone agreed and thought that it would be a good idea to get a sound bite from an African American meteorologist. He gave insight on why he thought a lot of African Americans are not in the field. I won’t give away his answer either because again it’s a radio interview and it’s not ready. He gave advice to inspiring blacks who wants to become a meteorologist and gave me some personal advice for when I go to college.

I must say it was really fun and interesting to sit down and to chat with them!

Author: Devontae Jackson

Hello everyone, I am the founder of The Greater Dayton Weather Post! I am a learning meteorologist, weather enthusiast, and weather photographer! I currently attend The Ohio State University! Majoring in Atmospheric Science! Class of 2023! So, I update the blog whenever I have the time and I hope you enjoy the content!

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  1. Hey Devonte, can you provide me with a link to listen to your radio interview. Sounds interesting. My son is a graduating senior who wants to become a meteorologist and I’d like to hear the answer to the questions as to why there aren’t many blacks in the field of meteorology.

    1. Hello, Angela! Sorry I didn’t reply to you earlier. I left school like 30 minutes ago. The radio interview is not quite ready yet. There are some things that still needs to be tweaked. I will be happy to give you the link to the interview when it’s ready! I will more than likely publish a post about it with the interview included in it. It should hopefully be ready by next month!

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