Rain is slowly moving out of the area. So how much rain has fallen so far?

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Wilmington, OH Radar – Reflectivity – Courtesy of RadarScope

It has been a rainy afternoon and evening. Rain is now moving out of the area. The rain is associated with a low-pressure and the low is moving off to the east. As the low continues to move off to the east, so will the rain.

Wilmington, OH Radar – Storm Total Accumulation – Courtesy of RadarScope

Here is a look at how much rain has feel so far. The higher rain accumulations are in the blue, dark blue, green, and so on. These are the areas where we have seen the rain really accumulate.

Wilmington, OH Radar – Storm Total Accumulation – Courtesy of RadarScope

I want to take a closer look down towards Wayne County in Indiana and Preble and Darke counties here in Ohio. Portions of these counties have seen rain accumulations from 1 to 2 and a half inches. This is quite a bit of rain to fall in such a short time. This also indicates where we have seen training in the area. When I say training I mean steady to heavy rain falling constantly over a particular area.

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