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Tornadoes slam Gulf Coast states and moves east today

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Image courtesy of COD Nexlab.

From Louisiana to Alabama, strong thunderstorms produced hail, strong winds, and multiple tornadoes yesterday. Damaging many homes in its path. There was a lot of energy, wind shear, and lift in the atmosphere for these storm to get going. For most of the afternoon and evening yesterday there was non stop tornado warnings.

At last check, the SPC and NWS have confirmed 21 tornadoes from yesterday. Flooding was also a big problem yesterday in parts of Mississippi and Alabama. Many schools were closed or online for school yesterday. Some released students early. Some schools in GA have already moved classes online and cancelled in-person classes. Many still remain without power in parts of Mississippi and Alabama this morning.

Severe weather also occurred in parts Arkansas, Missouri, and Tennessee.

Image courtesy of the SPC.

More severe weather is expected today from GA up to southern Ohio. The most significant weather expected in parts of east Georgia up to North Carolina. Where the threat for tornadoes, some strong, hail, and damaging winds are expected.

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Make sure you know where to go during severe weather and have a safety plan.

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