A low pressure brings soaking rain to the area this weekend

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Wilmington, OH Radar – Courtesy of RadarScope

Rain will continue to move through the area tonight. Rain will continue into the weekend where we will have to watch out for the threat of flooding.

HRRR Model – Sim. Reflectivity – Courtesy of COD Meteorology

As mentioned earlier, rain will continue to move into the area. A low pressure system will bring steady to heavy rain into the area over the next couple of days. Above is the HRRR Model which goes out 24 hours.

NAM Model – Sim. Reflectivity – Courtesy of COD Meteorology

Here is a look at the NAM Model. It is showing the rain continuing into Saturday and then into early Sunday before tapering off.

WPC Day 2 Excessive Rainfall Outlook – Courtesy of NCEP/NOAA/NWS/WPC

The Weather Prediction Center has placed us under a marginal risk for flash flooding. That’s means, while you shouldn’t expect an all out flooding event. If you live in areas prone to flooding be mindful of the rain this weekend.

NAM Model – Total Precip Accumulation – Courtesy of COD Meteorology

The area could see up to an inch of rain. Some places in the southern part of the area like Butler County could see locally higher rain accumulations. It also important to note that if you get under a heavy band of prolonged rain. That could add to rain accumulations as well.

Remember if you encounter flooding, turn around don’t drown.

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