Strong winds are expected Saturday evening into Sunday

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Strong winds are expected to move into the area tomorrow night and last through the day on Sunday. Winds will be sustained in the 20s and wind gusts will be between 40 and 50 mph. Some winds may even gust up to 60 mph at times.

Winds and Wind Gusts in MPH Saturday Into Sunday (as of 2-22-19)

Winds will begin gusting up towards 40 mph by 10 PM Saturday night. Wind gusts will only go up from there. 60 mph gusts will be possible Saturday evening into early Sunday. By 10 AM Sunday, wind gusts will drop a little to 50 mph. 60 mph wind gusts still can’t be ruled out for the rest of Sunday. Winds will eventually calm down as we head into Monday morning.

Here are some important things to remember during high wind situations.

  1. Move any loose objects indoors or secure them outdoors.
  2. If you drive a high profile vehicle (Truck, Van, and Sports Utility Vehicle) be careful when driving. If you are pulling a trailer be cautious of the wind as well. Winds can flip trailers too.
  3. Prepare for possible power outages and possible damage to and/or around your property.

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