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Zeta becomes a hurricane

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Courtesy of NOAA

The NHC in Miami, FL says Zeta is now a hurricane after looking at incoming data from the Reconnaissance Aircraft.

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Here is a look at data from the low level Reconnaissance flight into Zeta. Data shows, winds have gone up to cat 1 hurricane strength and pressure is down from 986 MB to 981 MB.

Courtesy of the NHC

The NHC is forecasting for Zelta to be a hurricane as it nears landfall along the Gulf Coast. The storm is forecast to stay as a cat 1 as it moves through the Gulf of Mexico. However, that could change. Hurricane warnings are in effect for the Yucatan Peninsula as well as tropical storm warnings. A tropical storm warnings is in effect for western parts of Cuba also.

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Here is a look at the surface winds in Zelta this afternoon.

Read more here: NHC.

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