The bulk of the rain is now moving to the east

Last Updated 4 months ago by Devontae Jackson.

All morning long, rain has been moving through the area. As I also talked about yesterday, some of you are proabably seeing and hearing some thunder. With a split line of showers and embedded storms moving through the area right now. One part of the line is in the northern part of the Miami Valley moving generally northeast. Will continue to do so overtime.

The other part of the line is moving through the southern part of the area. A little weaker than the line in the northern part of the area. However, it is still producing some rain and is also moving generally northeast.

Courtesy of COD Nexlab

Ok, I believe the models are moving slower than where the actual system is. I think once those two lines move out of the area. We could see some more isolated showers this afternoon and evening. Other than that I believe we should stay dry.

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