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Tropical cyclone Chalane to make landfall in Madagascar and move towards Mozambique and Zimbabwe

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Image courtesy of Worldview NASA.

Tropical cyclone Chalane continues to move generally west at 7 kt according to the Joint Typhoon Warning Center. The storm will make landfall in Madagascar tomorrow local time there in Madagascar. The Madagascar Weather Service has warned people not to go out to sea today and for those in flood-prone areas to be vigilant.

Image courtesy of the JTWC.

Here is the track from the Joint Typhoon Warning Center. The storm could have sustained winds around 35 kt when it makes landfall with gusts up to 45 kt. So bring in any loose objects and watch for potential flying debris if you are in this area. If you are near the coast you may want to watch for storm surge.

When the storm exits Madagascar and move over the Mozambique Channel the storm could pick up a little strength before moving over Mozambique and Zimbabwe on mainland Africa.

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