A whole a lot of rain this week

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Image courtesy of COD Nexlab.

Rain will move into the area Wednesday afternoon and continue through the evening and overnight hours. Some rain could be steady at times. Now, as rain continues into the overnight, temperatures will go from near 50 degrees Wednesday afternoon to hovering around freezing by Thursday morning. So, rain could change over to snow or a wintry mix at times Thursday morning.

Image Courtesy of COD Nexlab.

Temperatures could rise into the 60s by Thursday afternoon as rain continues to fall. Rain will continue through the day on Friday and Saturday morning before rain moves out of the area by Saturday afternoon. Some rain could be steady to heavy at times. Also, we could have just a little bit of instability that could give us a few rumbles of thunder.

Image courtesy of COD Nexlab.

An inch and a half to 2 inches of rain is possible by Saturday afternoon.

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