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Multiple earthquakes hit Croatia, causing damage and deaths

Last Updated 4 months ago by Devontae Jackson.

It has been since the 1990s since the last major earthquake struck the country of Croatia. Yesterday a 6.3 magnitude earthquake struck southwest of the capital of Croatia. On Monday a a magnitude 5.2 earthquake occurred in the country.

Rescue workers with dogs worked to rescue people who could be heard screaming from under the rubble. Many buildings are reportedly not usable according to Andrej Plenkovic, the Prime Minister of Croatia. He added the military are helping to shelter those affected by the quake. Other accommodations were also reportedly being made. A hospital in a near by town was also damaged causing patients to be transferred elsewhere. Some saying the quake was extremely strong.

Now, the country reportedly experiences many quakes but not usually any as big as these past few ones. 7 people are reported to have died from the quakes. The quake was reported also being felt in southern Austria.

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