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Winter storm update

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The wintry precipitation is beginning to move into the area this evening as expected. Precipitation is light now, but will eventually get steadier and steadier as we head through the evening.

Image courtesy of COD Nexlab.

Here is a look at satellite and radar this evening. You are seeing all green but some of that precipitation is snow, as you just saw from from doppler radar above.

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Image courtesy of COD Nexlab. HRRR Model

Alright, so here we go, snow will move into the area tonight. Temps are currently sitting around the freezing mark. As we head through the evening temps will fall into the 20s. This will continue to allow precipitation to fall as snow as we head through the evening. Some snow could be steady to heavy at times.

As we continue through Sunday morning, warmer temps will eventually move into the area. Temps will only get into the low to mid-30s but those warmer temps will allow for snow to change over to rain. Especially as we head into the afternoon.

Courtesy of COD Nexlab, NAM Nest Model

Now, the rain/snow line will sort of stall around the I-70 corridor. So, those north of I-70 will see mainly snow and those south of I-70 will see mainly rain as we head into Sunday afternoon. It is also important to point out that, those in the rain/snow line may see some freezing rain and sleet as times as the temps go back and forth from below freezing to above freezing.

Rain will continue Sunday afternoon for mainly those south of I-70 but, cooler temps will eventually allow for rain to change back over to snow Sunday evening. Snow will linger into Monday before tapering off.

Our travel impact as we head into the morning hours will be likely. However, as some of us begin to change over to rain, roads could become a little better, just a little, to bring us back down to possible delays as travel on the roads is concerned.

Now, I decided not to go with maps this time because some numerical (weather) models I believe are overdoing it with snow accumulations. Right now, at least 1 to 2 inches of snow is expected. Most likely 3 to 6 inches of snow. At most 7 to 8 inches of snow, especially for areas I-70 and north. For those south of I-70, you all may see lower snow accumulations thanks to the rain that will mix in as we head through Sunday afternoon. However, this is a chance to pick up some more snow as we head through Sunday evening into Monday morning. Not a lot though, this forecast could change.

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