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Texas power grid is coming back to normal

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Image courtesy of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette.

ERCOT or The Electric Reliability Council of Texas which controls about 90% of the Texas power grid says that by the end of today, their system will no longer be in emergency conditions. By this morning in Texas, less than 200,000 people didn’t have power. A huge contrast from just a couple of days ago when millions of people didn’t have power.

However, millions still are being told to boil their water. Water continues to remain a concern and over 10 million people have been told to boil their water.

Not only that some grocery store shelves in parts of the state is running bare. Especially when it comes to water. Mobile lab tests are being brought into the state to test the water to see when boil advisories can be lifted. Some cities are planning water distribution, plus, others like the mayor of Dallas say the city will now have to deal with the aftermath of property damage along with water issues.

Mississippi and Louisiana have also dealt with the effects of these winter storms. With many people losing power there as well.

Temps are expected back in the 60s and 70s by next week in the south.

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