A noisy Spring is ahead, Brood X Cicadas return this year

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Remember those big winged, mostly harmless, but flying bugs? Well, they are back, the Cicadas, and this year the Brood X Cicada (X meaning the roman numeral for 10) is expected to emerge after 17 years. Billions of them are expected to emerge in multiple states this Spring including Ohio. The last time these particular Cicadas emerged was in 2004.

The Cicadas are expected to last about 4 weeks, the adults will try to find mating partners, the females will lay eggs, and the adults will die off and that will pretty much be it. Over the course of 17 more years, more Cicadas will grow underground from the eggs. However, until they do leave expect some noisy days. Some say to expect them to come around May or April.

Ok, so they are harmless to humans, they might mistake you for a tree but even then they won’t harm you. They are harmless to pets as well. Just try to keep your pets from eating them if possible.

They are however a threat to young trees, especially young fruit trees. To protect young trees you could wrap a net around the tree to keep Cicadas from landing on the tree and laying eggs on the tree. This is not the only thing though. There are some more things you can do as well. Cicadas for the most part are not a danger to gardens but could cause some slight damage during a heavy emergence. The best course of action would be to spray your flowers with water. It is warned against using pesticides to kill them since they will eventually die off and other animals and insects will probably eat them. Also, the unnecessary use of pesticides may not be good for any pets you have.

While you may think they are annoying and a waste of space they are beneficial for most trees. They do help provide nitrogen for trees.

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