Sally forecast to become a cat 2

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Courtesy of NOAA

The NHC in an 11 AM Update says that Hurricane Hunters have found that Sally has strengthened into a cat 1 hurricane with winds up to 85 mph. Pressure is estimated down to 985 mb at this time.

Courtesy of NOAA/NWS/NHC

The NHC says they expect for Hurricane Sally to become a cat 2 hurricane before making landfall somewhere in southeastern Louisiana, Mississippi or along the Alabama Gulf Coast.

Courtesy of NOAA/NWS

Here is a look at tropical storm warnings and watches this afternoon. Tropical storm warnings are still in effect from Louisiana to the Florida Panhandle. A tropical storm watch includes some areas just north of Hattiesburg, MS.

Courtesy of NOAA/NWS

A hurricane warning is in effect from southeast Louisiana to Mobile, AL.

Courtesy of NOAA/NWS

Since, last night there has been some changes to the flash flood watch. A few counties have been dropped while more counties, especially in Alabama have been added.

Courtesy of NOAA/NWS/WPC

The WPC still has a high risk for flooding for parts of LA, MS, and AL.

Courtesy of COD Nexlab

Here is a look at the 15z run of the HRRR model. It shows this storm strengthening and becoming a little more organized throughout the day.

Courtesy of COD Nexlab

Here is a look at the NAM 3K model, it also shows this storm getting stronger and more organized throughout the day. It also has this storm moving towards New Orleans before turning north towards Mississippi.

Courtesy of NOAA/OPSO

Looking at the sea surface temp analysis from yesterday. Don’t let the green and blue fool near the Gulf coast. Those temps are in celcius and when converted to fahrenheit those temps are in the 80s. So this storm has some warm water to work with.

Courtesy of NOAA/NWS/NHC

Storm surge forecast hasn’t changed that much since last night. Most areas will see storms surge up to 5 to 8 feet in most cases. Some could see storm surge up to 11 feet.

Courtesy of COD Nexlab

Here is a look at the NAM 3K surface wind gusts with this storm as it moves ashore heading into tomorrow.

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