Weather conditions are getting worse along the Gulf Coast this evening

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Courtesy of NOAA/NWS/NHC

As of the 4 PM CDT advisory, Hurricane Sally is moving very slowly north at a crawling 2 mph. Yes, you read that right 2 mph, sustained winds up to 80 mph. So, that means Sally is a cat 1 hurricane, was a cat 2 yesterday but has since been downgraded. Pressure down to 979 MB.

Here is a look at radar as Sally moves her way into Alabama and the Florida Panhandle.

Courtesy of NOAA

Here is a look at Sally’s clouds, if you look closely you can see the spin of the clouds int the center of the storm. However, there isn’t really much of an open eye. Nonetheless, if you go back up and look at radar, the eye and eye wall is very noticeable.

Courtesy of NOAA/NWS

Tropical storm warnings are in effect from LA, through MS, AL, and FL.

Courtesy of NOAA/NWS

Hurricane warnings are in effect for coastal MS, AL, and up to the FL border.

Courtesy of NOAA/NWS

Here is a look at the slew of flood alerts in effect in the south. A flash flood watch is in effect from MS, to GA, and even southern portions of TN.

Courtesy of NOAA/NWS/WPC

Some areas are still looking to receive up to if not over 20 inches of rain. Now, this is important, even though, this storm is a cat 1, this storms is moving really slow, so were talking about a lot of rain falling even when this storm moves inland.

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Here is a look at Gulf Shores Beach this evening.

Courtesy of COD Nexlab

Now, this storm will make landfall sometime tomorrow morning. What time that will be, well, that is kind of hard to pinpoint right now because the storm is moving so slow. That, plus the storm is expected to pick up speed sometime later overnight. However, the storm does look to make landfall around the Mobile, AL area.

Courtesy of COD Nexlab

Here is a look at future wind gusts with this storm, strongest wind gusts expected as this storm makes landfall. As the storm makes landfall wind gusts up to and possibly over 90 mph is expected. Wind will diminish overtime but will stay quite gusty even inland. So, power outages will become an issue.

Courtesy of SPC

There is also a threat for severe weather tonight. Of course with most landfalling tropical system there is a threat of quick spin up tornadoes.

Courtesy of NOAA/SPC

A tornado watch is in effect for parts of southern Alabama and northwestern parts of Florida.

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