Iota became a cat 5 storm earlier today, currently the strongest storm on the planet and is moving towards Nicaragua

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Image courtesy of the NHC.

Iota is currently a cat 5 hurricane with sustained winds of 160 MPH…260 KM/H. The storm is moving W at 9 MPH and the NHC says the storm will continue to move roughly at this pace through landfall.

Image courtesy of NOAA and the NWS.

Above is a look at Iota as it continues to move towards Nicaragua this afternoon. Dangerous storm surge, heavy rain, flooding, and catastrophic damaging winds are likely. Even well built structures may sustain heavy damage from this storm. Everyone should have already evacuated to safer areas by now. Landfall is expected sometime this evening into the overnight hours. Do not venture out in this storm as flying debris could be fatal to anyone struck. Be aware of mudslides as well.

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