Yasa made landfall in Fiji, even tying a record

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Image courtesy of the Japanese Meteorological Agency

Tropical cyclone Yasa which was a cat 5 storm and at last check is now a cat 3 continues to weaken as it moves through the Southeast Pacific. The storm made landfall as a strong cat 4 storm. The storm brought heavy rain, strong winds, mudslides, and damage to Fiji. 2 people have been pronounced dead. The storm is the second cat 5 of the year behind Harold which developed earlier this year. The only other time there were two cat 5 storms in the Southeast Pacific was in 1998 according to Yale Climate Connections. The storm will continue to affect the smaller islands of Fiji as it continues to moves southeast and then south.

Image courtesy of the Fiji Meteorological Service

Above is a look at the storm track for Yasa.

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