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Here is an update on Chanale

Last Updated 4 months ago by Devontae Jackson.

Image courtesy of NASA Worldview.

Here is a look at the storm this afternoon. The storm continues to move west over the Mozambique Channel gaining strength.

Image courtesy of the JTWC.

The storm is forecast to strengthen with sustained winds around 65 kt (75 mph). Wind gusts could get up to 80 kt (92 mph) just before landfall. The storm looks like it will make landfall around Beria, Mozambique. From there the storm will move into Zimbabwe where the storm is forecast to weaken some to around 45 kt (51 mph). Then the storm looks like it will continue into Botswana where winds will continue to weaken to around 25 kt (39 mph).

Heavy rain is likely when the storm makes landfall along with those strong winds. Storm surge may also be a problem. So anyone living near the coast should watch for storm surge. Flooding in general may also be a problem with this storm. When the storm does make landfall in Mozambique watch for possible flying debris and try not to venture outside. Anyone in these areas should listen to local officials.

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