The President tours California wildfire damage, death toll rises to 74

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The wildfires that are occurring in California is being called the deadliest wildfires and California history.

The President toured the wildfire damage today. He thanked FEMA director, William B. “Brock” Long, for the work him and FEMA have done in California. The President said, “Nobody would have ever thought this could’ve happened.” The President calling it a “very sad” situation.

The President also said, “As far as lives are concerned, nobody knows quite yet, we’re up to a certain number but we have a lot of people unaccounted for.” There are reportedly over 1,000 missing and 74 confirmed dead.

The air quality in California is now being called the worst on the planet. Schools have had to close due to the unhealthy air. This unhealthy air is due to the smoke from the wildfires. Air quality alerts have been issued.

Image courtesy of the National Weather Service in Hanford, CA.

California’s air quality is expected to get better around Thanksgiving as two disturbances are expected to bring precipitation.

California’s governor was asked what needed to be done by the federal government? Governor Jerry Brown said “What needs, to be done is what is being done, to put FEMA on the job, make sure to support our first responders…” California’s governor went on to say “local people” and “state people” are doing the work. The federal government just needs to provide “Some help, a lot of money, some expertise, and some how we’ll all pull through it together.”

The President was then asked how to prevent something like this from happening again? The President said the government will work with environmental groups and that they (the government) would need to do better management and maintenance.

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