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Officials say Texans will need to limit water and gas use, as rolling power outages continue in a dire situation due to snowstorm

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Image courtesy of WFAA-TV.

Millions of people in Texas are experiencing rolling blackouts as a result of many power plants going offline during an ice and snow storm in Texas earlier this week. Very frigid air has also moved down into Texas. It is important to note that Texas runs their own power grid in the state. However, this week the power grid was put to the test.

Many people have reported losing power for hours, videos online have shown pipes bursting in homes and buildings causing water to gush through ceilings. In other cases power loss in Texas has caused problems at water facilities. WFAA reports a water facility in Fort Worth can not keep up with demand and many people have now lost water entirely. Now people are now being told that they need to conserve gas and water as the system are under major strains from demand. Some people say they have not had power for hours to almost days. Some stores in Texas have opened to provide a warming shelter for residents.

Some blamed the governor of Texas for not handling the situation well. Others said that wind turbines had been a problem. However, officials said that while wind turbines were not working at capacity the biggest problem was power facilities themselves. The Texas Tribune reported, “An official with the Electric Reliability Council of Texas said Tuesday afternoon that 16 gigawatts of renewable energy generation, mostly wind generation, were offline. Nearly double that, 30 gigawatts, had been lost from thermal sources, which includes gas, coal and nuclear energy.”

This storm has disrupted services with fire hydrants, one fire official in San Antonio Texas said. Medical officials are also bracing for delays in COVID-19 vaccination deliveries.

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