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Air pollution and the Gobi Desert brings worse sandstorm in years to Bejing, China, with air quality off the charts

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Image courtesy of Real-time Air Quality Index.

China is not uncommon to sandstorms this time of the year. You have winds that blow sand from the Gobi Desert and that creates seasonal sand storms in China. For the most part, they aren’t that bad. However, on Monday, China’s already high air pollution mixed in with sand from the Gobi Desert creating orange skies and terrible air quality.

At one point air quality was at 999 which is way above average and off the charts. The Guardian reports in Mongolia which was also hit by the sandstorm over 300 people went missing and flights from Hohhot were grounded. Many people reported problems breathing and the Chinese Meteorological Administration has issued sandstorm warnings. Areas around Bejing also dealt with the sandstorm which is expected to continue into Tuesday.

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